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    Playing with Colours | Lime green

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    purple-n-lime-green-decorations2-linens-n-decor-kenya-wedding-decorations | Playing with Colours | Lime green  Playing with Colours | Lime green | purple-n-lime-green-decorations-linens-n-decor-kenya-wedding-decorations

    So who says lime green is not an appropriate colour? I find that many people are some what reserved when it comes to colour combinations but I have always believed that if well blended thoughtfully, the end result can be nothing less but stunning. You can combine Purple and lime green and the result can be stunning.

    I must say the purple napkins here did play a major role in how the table set up came together. The wonderful bride was not a flower person so we used dry flowers with lime green water. Dry flowers are basically dried colour sprayed twigs

    Also depending on what goes on the table, you can chose not to have overlays so that the table does not appear too busy. Also Lime green combines seamlessly with hot pink and if you want, you can have half of your bridal team wear lime green dresses and the other half can wear purple or pink depending on what colours you prefer.  Hope you get some inspiration from the following wedding photos.

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