18 Inch Chinese Round Paper Lanterns


14 fabulous colours to chose from, Ivory, Silver, Turquoise, Black, Purple, Lilac, Chocolate brown, Red, Baby pink, Fuchsia, Bright orange, Olive green, Lime green, Grass green.

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18 Inch Chinese Round Paper Lanterns.

18 Inch Chinese Round Paper Lanterns.Whether you are decorating your wedding, home party, corporate or other event, these 18 inch Chinese round paper lanterns will add that extra touch to your event andB instantly let you set the tone for your wedding and party and channel a warm and inviting atmosphere, which are the keys to making guests feel comfortable making your celebration more memorable.
You can use them during the day hung from string to create a canopy or at night with a lit bulb. They are also widely used in homes for ambiance lighting. Chinese round paper lanterns have been in Asian homes and festivals for centuries. These Chinese round paper lanterns are even ribbed and include a wire expander, so they are ready to hang from a traditional hanging light fitting as a paper lampshade, or on their own via string, or ribbon. Simple and quick assemble required.
Design Idea:
18 inch Chinese round paper lanterns look fantastic randomly dotted single or among other color lanterns to create a magnificent canopy – a unique way to decorate your wedding party pergola, marquee or tent. Either use one size or mix up different sizes to acquire the required outcome.┬áLine them along your wedding ceremony walkway with ribbon and petals and create pocket friendly and stunning ceremony decor

Put up a few lanterns and a quiet evening at home gets festive

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Jungle Green, Luminous Green, Green, Silver, Black, Lilac, Purple, Lavender, Blue, Orange, Turquoise Blue, Chocolate Brown, Red, Gold, White, Baby Pink, Yellow, Baby Pink, Hot Pink


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